Thursday, October 23, 2014

Keepy - The New Family Album App

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I received a sample for this review/feature. Opinions expressed are my own.

I am constantly taking photos of our kids and all our adventures from my phone or even our iPad. Most of the time the photos just stay in my album and I may share them with family or friends from time to time...BUT the photos I love the most, I seem to lose because they're deep in my album or I transfer them onto my computer and never organize them. Do you ever do this?

Have you ever heard of Keepy? Well, I'm gonna tell you a bit about this, photo life saving, app today! 

First off it's FREE! Yes FREE!!!

When I downloaded the app I thought, boy is this gonna be difficult...but it wasn't at all! When I think about organizing my kids photos I tend to get overwhelmed and NEVER do it...BUT this isn't like that at all!

I signed in with Facebook, and then was asked if I was the mother, father or other.

Keepyme app

Then I chose which child I wanted to start with, which I started with my oldest son Carter,  and then editing his profile added his profile photo and started to add photo's to his Album. 

Keepy app

A feature that you'll enjoy and benefit from is adding voice or video with each photo you post to your album. 

Keepy the new family album app

Then when you share it with you friends or family, they can add a voice or video message to that particular photo....I think this is the coolest thing and really can keep grandparents up to date with grand kids accomplishments!

Keepy the new family album app

The photo above shows you how you can easily add friends and family members so you can share with them, and this is all private of course!

Keepy the new family album app

Keepy the new family album app

Like I said I started with my son, Carter. This is a snap shot of my first photo I added and let me tell you it was so simple and easy!

Here is the first video I added which was as simple to upload as the photo, and I can't wait to add all his grandparents who live an hour away! They will be proud of him playing his first notes to an actual song!
Here are some ways to use Keepy for your family’s memories: 
 - Easily update grandparents and loved ones on what’s going on in your kids’ lives 
- Save photos of toothless grins, the first day of school, pregnancy sonograms, best friends, vacations, and more.... 
- Save videos of soccer games, recitals, graduations, birthday parties, first steps, holidays, and more... - Save your child’s Lego creations, finger paintings, school projects, drawings, certificates, and more...  
- Write love notes to your child when the moment strikes 
- Record your child telling you about each photo and video and keep that cute voice forever. 
- Turn your memories into mugs, lunch boxes, or stuffed animals with Zazzle, Shutterfly and Budsies - Reduce clutter in your home by saving artwork and schoolwork to Keepy and then tossing it (if you can :) 
- Create a timeline for every member of your family (even grandparents!) so your kids can learn the story of their lives 

So, if you're looking to find a new way to save and share your family photos and videos then try Keepy for FREE today!

Connect: You can connect with Keepy on Facebook, Pinterest and/or @Keepyme on Twitter!

Monster High Freaky Fusion DVD & Doll Giveaway

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I received a sample for this review/feature. Opinions expressed are my own.

My oldest daughter has recently taken a major liking to Monster High. For those that might be a little new to the show it takes place in the town of New Salem (which is the home of humans and monsters) and the teenage monsters attend a school for monsters called Monster High. It has a cute name and I have always had a thing for sci-fi and monsters so this was a show I could really get into with her. The latest DVD with a new adventure is now out for the watching!

Monster High: Freaky Fusion
The freaky fabulous ghouls of Monster High™ are headed on another clawesome adventure in their newest DVD out now Monster High™: Freaky Fusion! Class favorites, Draculaura™, Cleo De Nile™, Clawdeen Wolf™ and others travel back in time to save Frankie Stein™ and learn more about her family scaritage. Traveling through the ghostly time portal, the ghouls are fused into four creeptastic hybrid monsters. Join the adventure and discover how these ghoulfriends use their freaky flaws to work together and help #savefrankie!

My daughter has started collecting the Monster High dolls and she enjoys playing with them for hours on end. Their crazy outfits and looks are what make these dolls so unique! She told me they are "very cool" and she really likes that all the limbs move and that the dolls can stand on their own.

Visit the Monster High website for fun videos, information on all the characters and all kinds of fun stuff for kids to enjoy all using their favorite characters from Monster High. Check out all the fangtastic action in the Monster High: Freaky Fusion DVD available now at and retailers nationwide. This movie is certainly scary cool!

Connect: You can connect with Monster High on their website, Facebook and/or @MonsterHigh on Twitter.

Here's your chance to win!  How would you like to win a Monster High Freaky Fusion DVD & Doll (sponsor's choice)? I have one to give away to one lucky contestant! To enter the giveaway please follow all of the directions below! If you don't follow the rules, you can't win!

Stamped Candles - A DIY Project for Fall

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I love the colors of Fall and they tend to be a great source of inspiration for me at times. I've been looking for new ways to decorate my home for the Fall season and an idea was born. I thought Stamped Candles would be such fun and quite festive for the season! They're actually quite easy to make and can be done rather quickly as well.

What you'll need:
  • Plain pillar candles - any size you like will do!
  • Stamps - Fall theme
  • Ink Pad - I used a dark brown
  • Raffia

Step 1: Gather 4 strands of Raffia and tie them around your candle. Cut off excess, leaving about an inch on either end, then fan the ends of each strand out a bit.

Step 2: Dip your stamp in ink. I recommend testing it out on paper first, so you get a feel for how that particular ink will react based on the pressure that you use. Then dip your stamp a second time, apply across the candle, from one edge of the stamp to the next, rolling the candle as you go. Repeat as many times as you like for the pattern that you're trying to create.

Step 3: Let dry. You want to be very careful not to touch the ink on the candle with anything at first! It will smudge very easy and depending on the ink that you use, might not dry properly. Therefore, these candles should probably not be handled after they are stamped. Set them up, out of the reach of children and just enjoy their beauty.

So there you have it, a lovely candle without the hefty price tag. I picked my candles up at Walmart for $3 a piece, but you could easily use candles from the dollar store to cut costs even more!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jesse the Jack’s ABC Zoo Fun New App and iBook

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This feature was written in partnership with Jesse the Jack’s ABC Zoo. Though I was compensated, all opinions are of my own.

Many of you might be familiar with this adorable little Jack Russell Terrier named Jesse. Jesse the Jack is world famous and is quite the YouTube sensation. His YouTube channel has over 30 million views and I'm sure you'd be impressed if you took a little peek. I know I sure was and I wish my dogs could do half of what that cute little Jack Russel can do. I sure could use some help cleaning up around here!

Well Jesse the Jack has even more up his little puppy sleeve because he's now the star of ABC Zoo, an iBook and app for iOS that just launched today! ABC Zoo will help teach children ages 2-6 the alphabet in new and creative ways through its eye-catching animation. Each letter of the alphabet is paired with animals and colors to help make learning fun.

The iBook offers narration that can be turned on or off to aid kids in reading or pronunciation of a word. The app features two modes - story and play and also features sounds from real animals to help children identify the sound. You'll also find music, tricks from Jesse and so much more.
Jesse the Jack’s ABC Zoo illustrates the full alphabet, pairing letters with animals and colors to help children learn through association. The storyline follows Jesse’s adventure through the zoo, which he discovers while he’s asleep. The app has two modes: story and play. As parents and children follow Jesse in story mode, they are taken on an interactive journey with real-life animal sounds and facts. Soothing yet upbeat music produced by popular street performer Dub FX keeps children focused and entertained.

Jesse the Jack's ABC Zoo sounds like a wonderful app for small children and such a fun way to learn. You'll find Jesse the Jack's ABC Zoo for iOS via the iBook and app stores. With prices at $.99 and $1.99 respectively, it's light on the budget too. And don't you worry your little heads Android users, because there will be a version for you coming very soon!