Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Please Join me for the #SparkRebellion Twitter Party

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twitter party
Twitter Party

Do you love a good Twitter Party? You know we do and we’re excited to host a party to chat about Disney’s Star Wars Rebels and the new DVD release ! On Friday, October 3, 2014 at 8:00 pm EST, please join us for the #SparkRebellion Twitter Party where we’ll be discussing all things Star Wars new, old and in between, as well as giving you a chance to win prizes!

Some people go out on the town on Friday nights and normally, I might be among that crowd. But then I heard about the #SparkRebellion Twitter Party and couldn't pass it up! We've got some great hosts who love the Star Wars films and we're ready to rock your Friday night! I am so excited for this Friday so that we can all chat about the new Disney’s Star Wars Rebels DVD and toy line. The DVD will be released the day of the party - on October 3rd and Star Wars Rebels toys will be hitting Walmart shelves. I can almost guarantee that the Inquisitor lightsaber will have to be added to my son's collection!

DATE: Friday, October 3rd
TIME: 8:00 – 9:00 pm ET
EARLY BIRD PRIZE: 1 – $50 Walmart Gift Card
PRIZES: 5 – (1) $100 Walmart Gift Cards

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Cream & Cinnamon Sweet Rice Treats!

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Sweet Rice Cakes

When I was little my mother would make me sweet rice. It was a very simple comfort food, just a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon and milk, but it always made everything better. I was thinking of a way to put a spin on that little dish and decided to make treats. I hope these bring a little of the comfort of home to you.

What You Need For the Treats:

  • 1 Cup Minute Rice
  • 2 Tbsp Brown Sugar
  • 1/4 Tsp of Cinnamon
  • 1/4 Tsp of Vanilla
  • 1 Tbsp of Heavy Whip
  • 1 Pkg of Refrigerated Crescent Rolls

mix it up

Cook your 1 cup of rice as instructed and after fluffing, add the brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and heavy whip. Stir and let cool.

ideas for treats

While your rice is cooling, you can set your crescent rolls. You have the choice of either making them like cakes by using 2 pieces OR you can make them little rolls by using one piece.

Once you have your crescent rolls in the cupcake pan, fill them with a spoonful of cooled rice. You can dash a little cinnamon on top for appearances.

Place them in the oven on 350' for 10 minutes or until your rolls are golden.

make whip cream

What You Need For the Cream:
  • 1 Cup of Heavy Whip
  • 1/4 Cup of White Sugar
  • 1/8 Tsp of Vanilla
While the treats are baking, you can make up your whip! It's very easy! Just add the heavy whip, sugar and vanilla into your mixing bowl and set on WHIP. Once it is light and fluffy it is ready to go!

decorating cakes

I like to put the whip into a baggy and then make it look nice on top of the little cakes, but you can always just make a bowl and add a spoonful on top! If you chose to make the little rolls, you can just have a little dipping dish on the side or a dollop on top as well!

sweet rice

Now they are ready to eat! All that goodness in less than 20 minutes. :) Enjoy.

Spice it Up and Pour it On with Litehouse Foods Spices, Dressings and More

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I received a sample for this review/feature. Opinions expressed are my own.

I enjoy cooking. In fact, I even scour the web for great new recipes to try and then hope beyond all hope that they turn out perfect and my family enjoys the meal I spent my time preparing. But what I've learned in the years since I started cooking is that you absolutely have to spice up your dish; unless of course you want bland tasting food.

When I received my package from Litehouse Foods and saw all of the wonderful fresh spices, I was in Heaven. Some of my favorites were included - thinks that I use quite often like Italian, Garlic, Parsley and Sage. Each of them smelled so wonderful and fresh. We use Garlic the most and that bottle had to have been gone within a week or two tops!

You would be amazed at the difference in quality between these spices from Litehouse Foods and some of the ones that you'll find on store shelves! Italian seasoning is key in every one of my Italian dishes and I'm particularly smitten with the Italian blend from Litehouse Foods. We eat salads quite often with dinner too and the Salad blend is a delicious addition!

Speaking of salad; no salad is complete without dressing and we were excited to try 4 delicious flavors from OPA by Litehouse. They're each made with Greek Yogurt and are quite creamy. I'm a French, Italian or Caesar girl for the most part and I found the OPA by Litehouse Caesar to be impeccably delicious! My FIL is much more adventurous that I when it comes to food and flavors. He said these dressings were the best he's had and he was particularly fond of the Roasted Pepper.

Also available are OPADIPITY Greek Yogurt Dips and these are wonderful to share at parties. At under 75 calories each, they're perfect for those trying to watch their calorie intake. We tried the Chipolte Ranch, Creamy Ranch, Spinach Parmesan and Cucumber Dill. Each of course has their own unique flavor and should be paired accordingly. Veggies are delicious with both the Creamy Ranch and Cucumber Dill, while tortilla chips are great with the Chipolte Ranch and Spinach Parmesan.

That's not all Litehouse Foods has to offer - oh no, they offer so much more! You'll just have to check out their website and see for yourself. I promise, you won't be disappointed!


You can connect with Litehouse on Facebook, Pinterest and/or @litehousefoods on Twitter!


Brilliant Sky Toys & Books Offers Top Quality Choices For the Holiday Season

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I received a sample for this review/feature. Opinions expressed are my own.

I don't want you to panic but it is already time to start shopping for the holidays. If you are like me you have not purchased or planned out much at all yet. There are literally tens of thousands of choices and it can all be overwhelming. Brilliant Sky Toys & Books is a toy store chain that is based on the belief that the right playthings give children a gateway to physical, emotional and cognitive development and their stores provide the highest quality products in an atmosphere that is both active and interactive.

Their unique aesthetic approach in their stores are vibrant yet warm, exciting yet comforting and exploratory yet safe. From rich colors and woods to low sightlines and custom fixtures the Brilliant Sky sensory experience is unlike any other. Now based in Brentwood, Tennessee they feature more than 10,000 high-quality specialty products. 

Of course even with a small toy store chain full of top quality toys it is still hard to decide what to get for the little ones in your life for the holidays. Five years ago they decided to go through all their high quality kids products that overflowed the shelves of the 17 Brilliant Sky Toys & Books stores and pick a few favorites. They dubbed them the Brilliance Awards. This year's 2014 award list features 10 products that are surprisingly low tech. The finger puppets, arts & crafts kits, dolls and building bricks on the annual list suggests childhood playtime really hasn't changed that much.

The Winners For This Year's Brilliance Awards Are...
  • Squigz Starter Set (24 pieces)
  • Plus-Plus Mini-Basic (480 pieces)
  • Lottie Dolls
  • Doodle Quest
  • Create Your Own Storybook
  • Super Stadium Baseball Game
  • LoopDeLoom
  • Sew Cute Sets
  • Illustrated Adventure Stories and Illustrated Fairy Tales
  • Paint Your Own Porcelain Bowls

Over the last year Lottie dolls have become a favorite in my house. My daughters like that the doll itself can stand on its own and that it is a little girl that they can bend and pose any way they like. Lottie likes to go on adventures all through the house and even outside. Her clothes are absolutely adorable and I like that she is a good role model for my girls.

These Squigz are fun little suckers that even I like playing with. Just apply pressure to two Squigz and watch as air rushes out and the fun rushes in! They connect to each other and to any solid, non-porous surface which of course is most of my house so my girls play with these everywhere. These are for imaginations to go wild as they build. My 6 year old gladly plays alongside my 3 year old with these. My only problem is I definitely need to get more!

My oldest daughter has recently taken up a love for sewing. She gets that passion from my Mother-in-Law since they sew together and my MIL is quite talented. I get scared when my daughter is around needles which is why I am absolutely in love with this line of Sew-Your-Own animals. This 8-piece set includes easy-to-follow instructions, pre-cut felt pieces, stuffing, child-safe needle, and thread. My daughter feels empowered when she gets to sew on her own and I like that the kid-safe plastic needles are not dangerous. This is the perfect toy to get her started on her journey to more sewing projects.

Of course as a librarian my favorite gift to give to kids are books. My girls just love curling up at bedtime with new books so that I can read to them. Of course I can't wait till they can read on their own and really learn what it is like to dive into a book. Until that time comes I will gladly sit and read to them and some of my all time favorites are all old classic stories.

These books are nice quality hard back books that are the perfect size for little hands. They are very thick as they are full of fun stories with fun and enjoyable illustrations that go with them. Even I enjoy a good re-telling of stories like The Three Musketeers and I just love that my girls enjoy hearing it too.

Brilliant Sky Toys & Books is truly the place where every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or friend can find the perfect toys that can keep little minds at play for hours. Even though I am a mommy blogger and I stay on top of trending toys even I get overwhelmed every single year at this time. This list of top toys takes the guesswork out of what should I get the kids this year. Brilliant Sky clearly knows how to pick out top quality toys that kids will love. Happy Holiday shopping and try to get all those presents early so you can actually sit back and relax this holiday season.

Connect: You can connect with Brilliant Sky Toys & Books on their website and Find A Store near you.

Here's your chance to win!  How would you like to win your choice of one of the toys I have mentioned in this review? I have one to give away to one lucky contestant! To enter the giveaway please follow all of the directions below! If you don't follow the rules, you can't win!