Thursday, October 30, 2014

NCircle Entertainment DVD & Wiggles Guitar Giveaway $70 Value

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I received a sample for this review/feature. Opinions expressed are my own.

My daughter loves watching videos, and now that the weather is getting colder I see a lot of video watching in our future!

The DVDs are:
  • The Wiggles: Apples & Bananas ((NEW!) 
  • Octonauts: Deep Sea Mission (NEW) 
  • Cat in the Hat: Show & Tell Sure is Swell! 
  • Animal Atlas: Animal ABC’s 
  • Sid the Science Kid: The Ruler of Thumb

I know my daughter loves the wiggles and who wouldn't love this guitar to go along with NEW Apples and Bananas?!? 

This has been a favorite and my daughter's 4 years old and still really loves watching the Wiggles DVD's! All their songs are catchy and I even catch myself humming along!

Another favorite in our household is Cat in the Hat. This Show in Tell DVD is included in this amazing prize pack along with Animal ABC's!

I know any baby or toddler would flip over these adorable shows!

Finally the NEW Octonauts, which we've been waiting for has been released. Deep Sea Missions! My son loves anything about the sea, so he loves watching this along with Sid the Science Kid, The Ruler of Thumb!

Okay, so now onto the part that you've been waiting for, the Giveaway!

Here's your chance to win! How would you like to win your 5 Pack of DVD's and Wiggles Guitar? I have one to give away to one lucky contestant! To enter the giveaway please follow all of the directions below! If you don't follow the rules, you can't win!

AKC GoodDog! Helpline & Subscription Giveaway

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This article was written in partnership with American Kennel Club. All opinions are of my own.

Back in the early stages of dating, my husband and I moved in together, and not long after, we got a puppy. We are both dog lovers and while we were working crazy, opposite shifts, he wanted to make sure that I didn't get lonely at night. Our puppy is now a terrifically calm nine year old dog, but in those early months, he was a poof of crazy energy and destroyed whatever he could! It really makes me happy to hear that the American Kennel Club has a wonderful service called AKC GoodDog! Helpline available to help answer questions that a dog owner might have! 

That innocent face cost me $200 in damages at our first apartment!
What AKC GoodDog! Helpline is, is a live telephone support service for behavioral and/or training advice from a team of knowledgeable trainers. It is available seven days a week and for the lifetime of your canine companion! I really wish I had this all those years ago, it would have helped me out as a first time puppy owner! Between school and working, poor Charlie got left alone a bit and would often act out, like destroying the base of a wall in a bedroom! If I had only been able to call or even go online and subscribe to training tips, which is offered through the helpline subscription, I could have saved a bit of money and my puppy might have been happier!

And this isn't just for new puppy owners. I can remember when my uncle, who had had dogs before, got a new puppy and his personality and my uncle's just didn't click. Even with patience, he could not figure out why his dog would ask to go outside just to come back in and have an accident on the floor. I bet that the using AKC GoodDog! Helpline could have helped them both out! Sometimes questions arise as dogs get older too, and it wouldn't hurt to have the ability to access knowledgeable trainers who want to help you and your dog, with just a phone call.

Subscriptions are slated at $79.99 for the lifetime of your K9 companion, but we have a special offer for our readers. Use code GDH3TO1 for an exclusive $50 off discount when you shop in the WOOFipedia store!

You can connect with The AKC GoodDog! Helpline on their main page and with AKC on their Facebook, @akcdoglovers on Twitter and @americankennelclub on Instagram

The Giveaway
How would you like the chance to win your own The AKC GoodDog!SM Helpline subscription for your canine? I have one service to giveaway to one lucky winner. Follow the rules and use the Rafflecopter form below. If you do not follow the rules, you cannot win! Good luck!

Quality Custom Puzzles From Up In Pieces Make the Perfect Gift

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I received a sample for this review/feature. Opinions expressed are my own.

I have never had more fun putting together a puzzle than I did with these from Up in Pieces. 

When it comes to gift giving I am a really big fan of custom or personalized items. It just seems to make it much more special for the recipient. I think that goes across all age ranges as well. My family all seem to really like photo gifts. In this world of technology and the ability to take great quality photos on our phones that means we each have great photos we should be sharing. Pick out a few and turn them into high quality jigsaw puzzles. The ones from Up In Pieces are not your average puzzles. These puzzles come with all kinds of options so that it comes out exactly the way you want. I was truly blown away by the quality of these puzzles!

They offer both acrylic and cardboard puzzles. I chose the acrylic simply because I had never seen or heard of them before. I liked the idea of a nice and sturdy puzzle piece meant to withstand time. When I first touched them all I could think of is WOW. The acrylic pieces are nice and thick and shiny too. The quality is way better than I could have ever imagined.

Here is my 192 piece puzzle with standard pieces. The back side is a nice glossy black. This puzzle makes for fun for the whole family.

I thought an adorable 42 piece double sided puzzle for my girls would be cute. If you want to get a true puzzle lover a fun and challenging puzzle get one of these. Choose one of the non-traditional puzzle cuts, make it double sided then let the fun begin. I will not tell you how long it took me to put together this little puzzle. I can't even imagine how hard the bigger versions would be! Even better get it borderless. That means that there are no edge pieces!

You can get one as small as 6 pieces and up to 1344. You can get them big or small, use your own photos, heart shaped, add borders, add text or even have ones with special figure pieces in them.

With so many choices you may find yourself spending forever deciding on which one to get. These are the best photo puzzles I have ever seen. They are professional done and look stunning. Get the puzzle lover in your life a gift they will enjoy putting together for years to come!

Connect: You can connect with Up in Pieces on Facebook and @UpInPieces on Twitter.

Coupon Code: PUZZLESFOR3TO1 for 15% Off Your Order (Expires 11/30/14)

Last Minute Up Cycled Spooky Halloween Eyes Decoration

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Halloween is tomorrow and even though I have a few decorations out, there's nothing outside of my house that would give trick-or-treaters a fun surprise. I always save toilet paper rolls for crafting and thought it would be fun to turn them into a spooky decoration for Halloween. I recently bought a pack of glow sticks from Target, so I had all of my supplies ready to go.

To make you need:

  • Glow sticks
  • Toilet paper rolls (or paper towel roll cut in half)
  • Scissors
All you need to do is poke a hole with the scissors into the toilet paper roll and cut out eyes. They can be circles, ovals, whatever you choose.

Activate the glow stick, put inside of the toilet paper roll, and then hide them in your bushes.

Now when the trick-or-treaters come they'll think something is watching them from the bushes. My son thought these were scary (but not too scary) and really thought we had some monsters in our bushes. This took me less than 2 minutes to make so they are the perfect last minute decorations for Halloween night.

Have a Happy Halloween!