Friday, February 10, 2012

Inspirational Quotes from Pinterest!

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Oh how I love Pinterest. It's becoming a slight addiction, I do believe! But a good one, I am sharing my addiction with you after all ;)

I love inspirational quotes, like really really love them. Remember back when Myspace was all the craze? Yeah, my page was loaded with them! Well, it probably still exists now that I think about it! Maybe I should reminisce sometime; but for now here's some that I found on Pinterest!

This is so true and so inspiring. Missing my kids now, even though they're only at school :)

I feel this every day. My family has been through the worst year of our lives, but we're getting through it.

We all just need to be happy with who we are and just be ourselves!

Couldn't be said better!

We ALL just need love :)




  1. great comments! found them stumbling on SU

  2. these are all quotes to live by! love how pinterest is great for so many different things

  3. thanks for posting these! i'm always looking for inspirational quotes. I also pin my favorite words of wisdom to pinterest.


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