Monday, April 9, 2012

DIY Bath Crayons!

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Simone (3) loves to draw on the wall during a shower.  I need her to do something so I can have 5 minutes to un-tangle her curly hair.  We bought some bath crayons from a store not too long ago and they just didn't last very long.  So I figured I would make them myself!

As always, I looked to Pinterest for inspiration.  Turns out, making your own soap crayons is super easy!

Here is what you need:
  • block of glycerin soap (I used clear, but you could use the white kind)
  • food coloring
  • glass measuring cup
  • spoon/spatula to stir
  • ice cube tray/crayon mold/etc.
  • knife and cutting board

The steps to make them are incredibly easy!

1) cut cubes of the block soap.  1 cube= one crayon for me.

2) put 2 cubes in the measuring glass (making 2 crayons of the same color.  so 4 cubes= 4 crayons of the same color). Microwave on high for 30-40 seconds until melted.

3) add food coloring and stir until color looks good.  Word to the wise:  when you think you have enough color, add more.  I didn't add enough and ended up with a few crayons that didn't make any marks!  The more color you add the darker the marks it will make. 

4) pour into your mold or ice-cube tray.  Let it harden (this may take a few minutes, or a few hours depending on how big your mold is).

5) pop out of the mold and enjoy!

I think I will make these in all shapes and colors and give them as gifts!  In any case, it is much cheaper than buying them in the store!


  1. Stopping by from Mom Spark Media... Great post! I will bookmark this for summer craft ideas. I've never used one of those flexible trays. Do they last?

  2. The tray I used is silicone and is actually used to make candy/treats. So it is oven safe up to like 450 degrees. So far all of mine have lasted!

  3. What a cool idea. I have to bookmark this one. I have lots of cousin's grandchildren that I love to get a little something for. Fancy crayons & a coloring book would be great.

  4. These look amazing, I did not know you can do this homemade!

  5. How pretty! I think my cutter for food that I won a few months back would work if I can't find any old chocolate molds.
    Again my grandchildren will like these and the older one can watch me make them as she colors :)
    Gladys P

  6. Awesome post! Using the food coloring makes me a little nervous. Does this ever color their hands when they use the soap??

  7. Does it clean off easy?

  8. Love this! Where did you find clear glycerin?

  9. I found the clear glycerin and the mold at favorite craft store, AC Moore. I think a well stocked Michael's would have it too.

  10. Ah, the things you learn from blogs! This is easy and would be fun to have. Thanks.

    slehan at juno dot com

  11. wow, those turned out really great! and super easy to make too! never thought of using the ice trays for that :)

  12. These would make bathtime extra-fun!
    You're right, they would also be a great gift.
    Thanks for the fun idea!

  13. I'm wondering how well it cleans off the shower wall and if it stains little fingers?

  14. I'm wondering how well it cleans off the shower wall and if it stains little fingers?

  15. These turned out great! I tried making my kids homemade crayons a few years ago and they turned out too waxy with no color when coloring with them.

  16. These turned out so great! They look like something my kids would have fun with!

  17. My kids love bath crayons. I've never thought about making them myself, so this is great.

  18. I think this is such a great idea. I'm going to try this myself. Thanks for sharing.


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