Tuesday, January 29, 2013

#MomCave Family Room Inspiration from La-Z-Boy

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Our family room is due for a much needed makeover. It's decorated with pictures from our old house and while the furniture doesn't look bad, it is used. It's also got a couple of small holes in it; on the cushion, the arm and a few of the pillows. This is thanks to our dogs having reign of the house and not being kicked off the furniture during our week long honeymoon/family vacation. Let's just say that I was not a happy camper when I came home to the damage.

As you can see, our family room doesn't have much style. It's just rather bland if you ask me. I was kind of going for the Safari look since our couch pillows have Safari animals on them. Well I never got around to redecorating, and now I'm just not sure what I want.

I know that I'm in need to help though because I really want a room that I can enjoy. I barely spend any time in this room because it's just so blah. It doesn't feel cozy or homey to me. So I headed to La-Z-Boy for some furniture inspiration.

I came across the Mackenzie Sofa right away as it's similar in style to our current set of furniture. Once landing on the product page, I was able to choose my color from a wide assortment of color options. I couldn't tell you why I was so drawn to this one if I'm looking for a new look. I just was. Maybe I have a subconscious fear of letting go?


After browsing the sofas for awhile, I found the Room Inspirations page and was surprised to see full design packages. I couldn't believe that La-Z-Boy offered so much more than your basic sofas and recliners. I just fell in love with the Sinclair room. I absolutely adore the sleek design and the pop of color in the decor and rug. I'm not so sure how a light colored couch would work with a house full of boys and dogs though! I suppose a mom can only dream.

Since those light colors just aren't an option for me, I decided to make up my own room. I found piece after piece that I just simply fell in love with! To keep with the same color and vision that I originally had for the room, I would do the Mackenzie Sofa with this super comfortable looking Niagara Reclining Chair for The Man.


I found this Vecchio Entertainment Console that would contrast nicely against the stone colors in our fireplace. Of course our big screen 3D Smart TV would look great on it too!

I'm easily inspired, especially when I can actually touch and feel the product. However, I wouldn't call myself a designer. So if you're design challenged like me, you might be interested to know that La-Z-Boy has a team of design professionals who will actually come into your home and work with you! You'll help you find a design that works well with your home and your budget! You can also check out the La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries Online Catalog for more inspiration.

You can check out these ideas and others on my #MomCave Inspiration Pinterest board.

How would you like to win your dream Mom Cave? I thought that might pique your interest! Join the Pin to Win you dream Mom Cave Pinterest Party for your chance to win a $5,000 La-Z-Boy furniture package! It's easy to enter and the contest runs until February 11, 2013. Imagine the awesome room you could create for $5,000!

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  1. It doesn't look bad but it could use some color! I love the furniture you picked out (and I LOVE the size of that room!)

  2. You should see our couch, HUGE gapping hole on a cushion. I so need a room makeover. The items you picked out are beautiful!

  3. Your living room is HUGE! So many decorating options. :) Loved your inspiration pieces. La-Z-Boy furniture is amazing. :)

  4. We have had the same issue with our furniture in the living room-We actually HAD floral couches that belonged to my grandma and grandpa for awhile and believe me when I say you could tell their age o.O

    We now have hand-me-downs from our cousin which are very nice, but they still have wear and tear.

  5. I can certainly understand where you are coming from! My youngest, of the four legged variety, is in love with my living room. My vision is for lighter colored furniture but I'm afraid of how it would end up. It's great to know I can explore so many fabric choices at La-Z-Boy to find just the right match for my needs. Thanks so much for sharing your finds :)


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