Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Skin Regime - Boot Camp Beautiful Skin Results and Giveaway!

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~This review was made possible by Dana Ramos and The Skin Regime ~

About six weeks ago I posted a review on The Skin Regime - Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin.  You can check out the complete review here.

You might remember, The Skin Regime - Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin book has everything you need to know about how to get (and keep) your skin looking great.  The best can do it all at home with very INEXPENSIVE products.  

I also gave you all a quiz in the first post.....I asked you:

How old do you think Dana Romas, the author of The Skin Regime - Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin is in the photo above?  Keep in mind she does not have any face foundation makeup or concealer on her face.  She does have some eye makeup on and the photo is UNTOUCHED.  

ANSWER: Come never reveal the age of a lady, but I will tell you she is over 50 years old in the photo above.  AMAZING, eh?

Here is my before photo. See all my wrinkles, pores on my nose, and dull skin tone?

Here is my photo after using The Skin Regime for 6 weeks.  What a difference. I have NO make up on and the photo has not been touched up.  I took the photos in the same room/lighting and same time of day.  My wrinkles have disappeared, the pores on my nose are invisible and there is a fresh glow to my skin.
As I said, The Skin Regime - Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin, will walk you through exactly what you need to do and what few inexpensive products you need to purchase.  Dana also walks you through and lists exactly what to purchase for do-it-yourself peels.  I love the peels - I can't wait for Sunday night - the night I do my once-a-week peel!   Following The Skin Regime the rest of the week is easy and quick as can be. I love it.

Don't forget you can go to The Skin Regime website and see other testimonies as well as order your own copy of The Regime - Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin.  

Connect: You can connect with the The Skin Regime on their websiteFacebook@TheSkinRegime on twitter, sign up for their newsletter and Youtube.

Buy It: You can buy the The Skin Regime - Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin book on Amazon for $9.95 (Kindle version $7.92).

Giveaway: How would you like to win our own copy of The Skin Regime, a peel sample, and a Boot Camp T-shirt? I have one prize pack to give away to one luck contestant (US resident)! To enter the giveaway, please follow all of the directions below! If you don't follow the rules, you can't win.  Peel sample will be shipped in a separate package.  


  1. I learned there that The Tanning Mom used her information and looks much better.

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  2. I read about the proper way to pop a zit :)

  3. This is really a nice book and I got to know many things about the ways we can beautify the skin. I will now not run after the beauty body soap. I have a ready made solution.

  4. Thanks for sharing this blog. I needed this. Beautiful skin was like a dream for me. I had a lot of wrinkles and spots on my face. I have taken wrinkle treatment at Havana. Now I am looking for getting rid of these spots.


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