Monday, August 5, 2013

Vacation in a Bottle ~ DIY Bronzing Oil

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I love the beach.  

The sun.  The sand.  The golden glow you get when you spend a week at the beach.

But what if you can't get to the beach this summer?  What if it is January and there no way you are laying out for any kind of tanning?

Well then you need to look like you had a vacation in the sun!

Tanning in the tanning bed is bad for you, so that is out. You could do the sunless tanner route.  But I hate that smell and to risk being orange until it goes away.... I never have great luck. 

How about something that smells good, moisturizes your skin, and washes off at the end of the day?

Introducing (what I am calling) Vacation in a Bottle!  It is Bronzing Oil, which uses bronzer powder and mineral oil (or any oil of your choice!) to add a sun kissed glow to your skin.

Vacation in a Bottle is super easy to make.  Only 2 ingredients!

  • Bronzer powder (I used the remainder of an old bronzing blush).
  • Oil (I used baby oil, but pretty much any other clear oil would work!)
  • Bowl and spoon to stir
  • Container (something with an air-tight lid!).  I found the pretty glass bottle at a discount store for $2.99!

1.  Break up the bronzer powder until it is free of clumps.  I found the baby spoon to work perfectly.

2.  Slowly add the oil, stirring constantly to incorporate the powder.

3.  Continue adding oil until the color looks right.  Try it out on your arm or leg to test.  Too little oil and it will be streaky.

4.  Carefully pour into your container.

5.  Get that sun kissed glow!  Can you tell which leg has the VIB on?  Yep, the shiny and pretty one!

Bronzing oil is really great.  It gives you a hint of color and shine, which can make even the whitest legs glow.  And to make it with things you already own, awesome. 

Now only if it could take you to the beach...

FYI - because this is bronzer and oil, be careful of spills, contact with clothing, furniture etc.  And shake well before you apply the oil, the bronzer may settle at the bottom after time. 


  1. What a great DIY! I hate looking pale in the winter and, like you, don't like the orange look I get from sunless tanners. Definitely will give this a try this winter.

  2. Excellent idea-I'm going to try it asap-my skin is ghostly white and I've tried other tanners and looked orange. I burn easily outside-this is so cool! Thank you! ~Raine

  3. Doesnt it get all over clothes you wear after and even a car seat? How do you keep it from getting all over?

  4. Doesnt it get all over the clothes after you apply it? Or car seats.. etc?

  5. Does this sink into your skin like self tanners? Or does it wash away in the shower and you turn pale again?


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