Saturday, December 7, 2013

Wipe Me Cute Diaper Clutch - Perfect Diaper Bag for Quick Trips

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Me Cute

The baby stuff out there today is so adorably cute. The diaper bag is one of those essential things that every mom needs. I own a giant diaper bag that I take on day trips and trips where I take out my giant stroller and for when I am going to be out and about for more than an hour. Lately I had begun to think that I needed something much smaller for quick trips to the grocery store or when I am going to be out for only an hour or so. Me Cute sent me the perfect solution for quick trips in the Wipe Me Cute Diaper Clutch.

Wipe Me Cute Diaper Clutch

Lil Sis just turned 2 and I don't have to change her diaper when we are out as much as I did when she was littler.

Wipe Me Cute Diaper Clutch

The front panel holds your preferred brand of travel-size baby wipes. 

Wipe Me Cute Diaper Clutch

It may look small but it can easily carry everything I need! I have 2 diapers in there, the wipes container with plenty of room for my cell phone, keys, credit cards and some cash.

Wipe Me Cute Diaper Clutch

The smooth material wipes easily clean! This is a feature I really like since lately it seems everything I own gets sticky! The exterior and interior are made with 100% oilcloth.

Wipe Me Cute Diaper Clutch

Detachable strap lets you hook the clutch onto a stroller or the shopping cart at the grocery store.

Wipe Me Cute Diaper Clutch

There is nothing I would change about this bag. It is exactly what I have been looking for!

Me Cute products are made in the USA by a team of ladies. Here is their story:
Having met as single, working gals over ten years ago, Laura Grams and Irene Robles-Ramirez have forged a friendship from, amongst other things, a shared love of all things trendy and fashionable. Motherhood is the common link that inspired them to team up as business partners in creating a new, innovative line of baby accessories known as Me Cute. Every baby is cute, our accessories help you keep ‘em that way!
Right now they also sell burp cloths and bibs and all have a selection of different patterns.


Surprise a mom with a cute diaper clutch from Me Cute this holiday season. It sure beats carrying around my large diaper bag when I only need to take a few things with me.


You can connect with Me Cute on their website, facebook page and @MeCuteLadies on twitter.

Buy It!  

You can purchase the Wipe Me Cute Diaper Clutch for $39.99.


  1. What a great idea and they are so colorful and cute also. This would make a wonderful baby shower gift and unique too.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. Now that is cute, they don't look like a mini diaper bag, my favorite is the Midtown Pink! Little guy is still a toddler, but I still need to keep those wipes handy while out on shopping trips. I like the detachable strap, I strap my bag in the shopping cart so I can keep my hands free and no one can take off with it. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This bag looks so cute I also want to get this kind of the bag for carrying my baby diaper and I also want to get this stroller hooks for diaper bags so thanks for sharing this ....


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