Things to Do In Wisconsin Dells - Endless Possibilities of Fun!

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Wisconsin Dells is truly an amazing place to go. There are so many fun things for the entire family to enjoy and I almost guarantee that you will have a blast! That is of course, unless you have lived under a rock your whole life and have no idea what fun is!! If you're near Wisconsin, or even just planning a visit, I highly suggest checking out this amazing city, if even just for a day! My family absolutely loves to go there and we try to make at least one trip there a year.

Below you will find my family's take on must see attractions, awesome hotels/campgrounds to stay at and delicious dining... as well as places that we do not recommend wasting your money on. You can also find links to our journey through the Dells, highlighting some of the places we've visited while there. Many people think Wisconsin Dells is only summertime fun, but that is not the case! There is still plenty to do in other seasons as well! If you see a * next to the name, it means that you can have fun there all year round and a + means you can visit Spring through Fall during the not so cold months! {Obviously outdoor waterparks will only be open during the Summer}. I'll add to this list as we visit more places in the Dells, so be sure to check back before your next vacation. I hope that we can help you to plan your next trip!

Must See Attractions

Tommy Bartlett Show - My family went for the first time in the summer of 2012 and we all thought the show was amazing! We will definitely be heading back and it is well worth the cost. We went back in 2014 for the daytime show and still loved it. If you can choose which show, I'd recommend the nighttime show though because the light and nighttime water show is just amazing.

Original Wisconsin Ducks+ - Fun for the whole family, this scenic land and water ride will be sure to please.

WildThing Jet Boats+ - An amazing ride through the Upper Dells in a super fast and fun jet boat! 

Water/Theme Parks:

Noah's Ark - Outdoor Waterpark

Mt Olympus Water and Theme Park* - Indoor/Outdoor Water and Theme Parks

Great Accommodations:

Waterpark Hotels

Great Wolf Lodge - Nightly storytime for the kids, 3 connected indoor waterparks, outdoor waterpark, game room and nice guest rooms {some featuring cool rooms for the kiddos}, MagiQuest, Spa, "Lodge feel" - Waterpark passes included with your room!

Kalahari - Beautiful artwork throughout resort, luxurious rooms, large indoor and outdoor waterpark, indoor theme park and game rooms, Spa -  Waterpark passes included with your room!

Wilderness Resort - "Cabin-y feel", 3 indoor waterparks, indoor/outdoor hot tub for use all year round, large condos available with full kitchen

Sherwood Forrest Campground - Tent sites, RV sites with and w/o electric and water hook-ups, cabin rentals and RV rentals - pool, water playground for kids, game room, laundry, general store

Wanna Bee Campground -  Tent sites, RV sites with and w/o electric and water hook-ups, cabin rentals and RV rentals - pool, mini golf, playground, game room, general store, free bike rentals. Friendly staff, family owned. Quiet campground

Delicious Food
  • Monk's Bar & Grill - Amazingly delicious food, may I recommend the Philly Cheesesteak, Fries and Cheese Curds, delish!
  • Uno Chicago Grill - Mouth wateringly spectacular pizza
  • The Loose Moose Bar & Grill {Inside Great Wolf Lodge} - Delicious pizza
  • Hot Dog Avenue -  Great Gyros and friendly dine-like atmosphere
Don't Bother Wasting Your Money
  • Haunted House in Downtown Dells - I don't remember the name of it and couldn't find it on the website. It's the haunted house right in the town with all the shops. You walk in and out in 10 minutes and it's not scary at all. Maybe it would be worth it if you had small kids that you wanted to take, but not get too scared?
  • Tom Secret -  We've been wanting to check it out for years, but were always jam packed with other stuff going on during our visits. We saw a sign for $5 admission, so figured "why not". It was worth $5, but I would have been disappointed paying full price admission. There was not much to it and no one in our group really "enjoyed" it.


  1. These seem like fun places to visit with our families. A lot of entertainment and glad there are places to stay. Kalahari sounds like where I would like to go to. I will have to remember this while visiting relatives.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. I'll surely bring my buddies and family here. Wish I could hold my upcoming birthday celebration in the same place or hoping to really be in here. Nonetheless, I'm more concerns about the pool and its swimming pool covers if its suits to the party.

  3. The hubs and I have been debating a trip here with out little bear.... great info!

    Holly at Not Done Growing

  4. ive always wanted to go there! we are in St. Cloud, MN, so not to far away. but we've never been! looks like sooooo much fun!

  5. I'd recommend the High Rock Cafe downtown. They have stone fire pizza. Yumm, and across the street from that is Cheesecake Heaven. Check out the HH Bennet museum on that same block. Support the museum to keep it open. (Lifetime resident)

  6. Thank you for the information. I am hoping to take my teens to Wisconsin Dells this summer. We haven't been there since the girls were little.

  7. Thank you for the information. I am hoping to take my teens to Wisconsin Dells this summer. We haven't been there since the girls were little.


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