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Get Crafty with RoseArt’s New Activity Kits

Summer is almost upon us and we can’t wait. We’re all super excited and just can’t wait for school to end. The first few weeks are fine, but what happens when the kids start to get bored because they’re not in their usual routine?

They need something constructive to do to occupy their time. That’s why RoseArt is encouraging kids to get in touch with their inner crafter with their brand new activity kits! These kits will be available for a limited time at Target stores, from May 25th through July 9th.

The 7 Days of Fun kits challenge kids to create one craft a day for an entire week. The Me & You Activity Kits include everything needed for two crafters to create together, providing a great bonding activity for kids with their parents, friends, siblings, grandparents and babysitters! Project themes include Paint Your Own Wood Cars, Create Your Own Kaleidoscopes, Pin Wheels, Pen Sand Art, Color Surprise Art, among several others.

Of course you all know I have that crafty gene in me. Of course, nothing like Jill because that woman is like the craft queen! Have you ever seen her craft posts? She makes some really great stuff and teaches you how!

Anyway, back on subject here. My kids love to do little “projects” with me, especially Lil Man. He’s always asking to play with my beads and make a bracelet or necklace. I haven’t ever let him, but maybe I should get him his own little cheap supplies so that he can.

In the meantime though, I want to head over to Target once these hit shelves next week. The wooden care project pictured above is a definite must do. I think my brothers would even get into making those. Maybe we could get a few kits and make a family project out of it!