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Get Unlimited Plans and the Best Wireless Service with #FamilyMobileSaves

I have been unhappy with my cell phone provider for years. The problem is, I can never find a cheap wireless plan that really is all that it’s cracked up to be. There’s always something that’s not included and the unlimited plans are really everything but what they say they are. It was time for a switch and you might recall my post last month sharing all about the Walmart Family Mobile Plan that I checked out as well as how simple it was to shop for.

I played around with the T-Mobile Concord phone for a couple of weeks. I made some phone calls, sent a few texts and played some games. I even took some photos of flowers in my garden. I was actually very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the T-Mobile Concord in comparison to the price. It just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a pretty decent phone!

Then my brother had some issues with his phone. It works for everything but talking, which kind of defeats the purpose. I’d call him and we’d be yelling at each other because neither of us could hear the other. Talk about a royal pain in the you know what! So I told him that he could use the T-Mobile Concord phone for the time being. Since that moment, I swear it’s been glued to his hands.

He talks and texts, but also likes to play a few games. Since it’s an Android, there are some pretty cool apps available for it. He’s really into this racing game.

So what does a teen think of the T-Mobile Concord?

I thought I’d have him sum it up for us with a quote:

“It’s awesome that it’s an Android, so there’s a lot of apps available. It has the swipe keyboard so you can just swipe your finger across all the letters when you’re texting. I haven’t had a problem with dropped calls or the touch screen sensitivity.”

We definitely like the service and the price. The plans are so much cheaper than your average plan, so my husband and I are actually heavily considering making the switch when our contract is up. The fact that we wouldn’t have a contract with the Walmart Family Mobile Plan is an even bigger reason to switch. What could we lose, really? In fact, at just $40 per month with unlimited talk, text and web we’d be saving so much money, that’s worth it in itself! We can even manage our account online, which is a huge bonus for me since I work at my computer daily.

I’m what you might consider a bit obsessed when it comes to my flowers. So obsessed in fact that I share photos of them every Friday right here on my blog, in my Flower Friday series. I don’t have a top of the line camera, but it does have a Macro setting which I use to capture my flowers. The pictures usually turn our gorgeous with a little bit of editing work. I thought that I would put the T-Mobile Concord to the test and see just how good it would do with my flower shots. As you can see below, it turned out pretty decent. I was very pleasantly surprised!

What kind of beef do you have with your service? How could a Walmart Family Mobile plan help you?